Obtain the results you require through our broad range of integrated genomics services and network of global capabilities.

We offer flexible solutions through our strategic collaboration with global IVD partners to support the discovery and testing of genetic biomarkers.

Comprehensive Genetic Profiling

  • ACTOnco (440 genes)
  • Thermo Oncomine Comprehensive Assay (161 genes)
  • Thermo Immune-response Assay (395 genes)

Target Gene Signature

  • Thermo Oncomine Focus Assay (54 genes)
  • Thermo Oncomine Myeloid Research Assay (69 genes)
  • ACTBrca, BRCA1/2 (2 genes)

Liquid Biopsy

  • Thermo Oncomine Cell-Free Assay (10~52 genes)
  • Roche AVENIO Cell-Free Assay (17/77/197 genes)
  • CAP accreditation

CAP Proficiency Test

  • NGS-Solid Tumor, 2018-B, passed
  • NGS-Solid Tumor, 2019-A, passed
  • BRCA, 2018-B, passed
  • BCA, 2019-A, passed

CAP On-site Audit

  • 2019 Audit, 3 minor finding
  • Strategic collaboration with global IVD partner
  • Teddy-Roche Precision Medical Test Center
  • Teddy-Thermo Scientific Joint Demonstration Lab


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Teddylab Services

We have a wide variety of services based on test platforms supporting routine safety, flow cytometry, anatomic and molecular pathology, PK/BE, and companion diagnostics. We act as a one-stop central lab to provide better services for comprehensive, harmonized clinical trials in this era of progress.

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Precision Medicine

About Teddylab

A CAP certified and NGSP certified Level I Laboratory, Teddy Clinical Research Laboratory is a joint venture of Tigermed and DiAn Diagnostic, and is dedicated to providing high-quality central lab services for clinical research and development.